Detail Bays

For too long dealership car wash detail bays have been an afterthought. Now, dealership owners are realizing that by incorporating dedicated detail bays into the dealership experience, customers are enticed by the amenities the dealership provides and the staff has a safe, compliant and efficient system to provide this service.

The installation crew worked around our schedule to make sure that all products were installed at our convenience.
Woodworth Group


Whether it's detailing, reconditioning or car cleanup. It means one thing to the dealer – PROFIT.

For most car dealers auto detailing is a necessary part of the business. But, for many, it is also a problem.


Depending on the volume of work, you need a dedicated facility in which to do the work. This means at least one or two bays where you can wash cars with all appropriate tools and storage.

With OSHA in mind, take a look at your current in-house detailing department. Any loose cords, bottles, buckets and drums of chemicals here and there in the shop with no ID labels can be an OSHA violation and something a dealership could be severely fined for allowing. Yet, unlabeled chemicals are commonplace in many detail operations.

AME has worked with dealerships all over the country to build or rebuild their detail bays! This includes space allocation, design, equipment and installation.

Consider increasing productivity and efficiency with a central vacuum system. During the design phase we can place vacuum drops exactly where you need them and this eliminates the use of portable vaccuums forever! It also eliminates the danger of unsafe cords on the floor of your work areas where there may be water or chemicals.

State-of-the-art portable and Central Chemical and Hot Rug Shampoo Dispensing Systems are also available from AME!

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